What a business analyst exactly does?

July 30 2015

What does a business analyst? I tried explain it to my friends from outside of an industry and my colleagues from IT. I have collected answers for different levels of initiation.

Level 0 (outside of IT)

An analogy to a construction industry

It’s always easier to understand something by an analogy to what we already know. Building a house is for many people more understandable than IT.
An analyst is in a software project as an architect in the construction project.
He must first find out from the client what the wishes and present it to Update the construction team in such a way that they would know how to carry out the contract. He asks the customer cheap NBA jerseys what windows he wishes, how many of them, if they should be rounded, what division of walls is preferred. He needs to know that wholesale NFL jerseys in certain places a load-bearing wall is necessary and a partition wall is inadmissible. There World are some rules, for example that on an inadequate grounds broader foundations are needed, even if customer wants otherwise. Afterwards, he prepares a project whose realization is evaluated. And then it is time to build!

Short and to the point

Most often I try to explain briefly:
An analyst inquires what are the client needs and communicates it to the team that will prepare the software or some organizational change.
However, this definition has a few irritating simplifications:

  • „inquire” – this may be understood like „makes a note what client said” and our job is far more complicated.
  • „client needs” – I would like to emphasize here that this is not the same like “he wishes” – wishes are not necessarily the same as the needs.
  • „communicates it to the team” – not only forward and forget, should participate further and see if what is produced, meet customer expectations. Form of those information is cheap nfl jerseys another very wide topic – in many cases it has a form of software requirements specification.

Level 1 (from IT but with little curiousity)

From idea to the transition
An analyst works in the project since the idea of introducing a change (a software for example) until the completion of the ich project cheap nba jerseys (successful transition Analytical to the client).
It requires to work with a client until he and an analyst will reach an agreement on what is needed and what should be provided. Then it become possible to deliver specific information to teams of developers about the HAt scope and detail requirements connected with their job.

Level 2 (from IT but with greater curiousity)

Analysts? Perhaps d’Escalade they analyze? But what exactly they do?

  • elicit requirements
  • analyze requirements
  • specify requirements
  • design solutions
  • asist the team during development work
  • check whether the software or organizational change meets the requirements

And to be more specific?
Elicit requirements
What requirements?

  • Business objectives (Why a change is needed? What results should it bring?),
  • User requirements,
  • Functional requirements (what this solution should do?),
  • Non-functional (Quality) Requirements (how should it works?),
  • Transition requirements (What is needed to move from the old solutions to the new one?).

How they do it?
Talking with the customer. But not only! There are many things that the client will not tell you because a) he does not know it’s important, b) thinks it’s obvious, c) forgot about it. And even better – he will tell you specificly. And everyone will tell something different. From the President, managers of the department X, Y, Z and an ordinary employee – everyone can have a different perspective, different needs. And be the smart here! The analyst also concludes requirements from previous systems, the current way of working. Sometimes some brainstorming is useful or discussions with prospective users, observing them during daily activities, simulating points of view (imagining that you are a user), surveys, experiments, prototypes…
Analyze requirements
Specify requirements
Design solutions
Asist the team during development work
Check whether the software or organizational change meets the requirements

Hi, I am Hania!

Jako strategiczny analityk biznesowy na pograniczu zarządzania i IT zapewniam, że projekty i działania w organizacji przynoszą wartość biznesową. Dostarczam kompetencji analitycznych managerom i zarządom z Polski, Niemiec i Szwajcarii przy tworzeniu strategii oraz wdrażaniu jej w kilkuset osobowej międzynarodowej organizacji.

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